Non-alcoholic mojito with soda

Non-alcoholic mojito with soda


Fresh mint to taste
Ice taste
Carbonated water to taste
2 teaspoons sugar
Lime 2 pieces


1. Everything is simple. Take a nice glass of mojito and put back the sugar (a teaspoon or two who like love).
2. Then squeeze the lime juice into a glass, which had previously be cut into 4 slices.
3. Next is the mint. It is necessary to break – so it is better to give the juice.
4. Now it’s all worth potoloch wooden spoon – lime and mint, combined with the sugar will give a pleasant aroma and allocate juice.
5. Put the ice in a glass and pour the soda, Sprite or type Schweppes. So in the end you can decorate a glass of mint leaves and a small slice of lime. Do not forget the straw! So after tastier;)

Non-alcoholic mojito with soda. Recipe:

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