Panna cotta

Panna cotta


½ l milk
Cream 33% -s 185 ml
Sour cream 42% -s 75 ml
Philadelphia cheese 150 g
65g sugar
Gel passion fruit 100g
Almond 20 g
Dried apples 20g
Red oranges ½ pieces
Petals 10 g
Mint leaves 10 g
Antennae peas 5 g
Balsamic cream 10 g
Saffron 1 g
Vanilla pod 1 piece
Gelatin in the plates 8 pieces


1. In a saucepan pour the milk and add the saffron – just a little, only for color. Put on low heat, bring the temperature of the milk to 90 degrees and keep as two to three hours to present and saffron colored milk in a mild creamy orange.
2. Leaf gelatine put in cold water for two or three minutes, then gently squeeze out the water and shift into the hot milk and whisk to stir at the same time start. A minute leave milk alone to let it cool down to room temperature.
3. Whip 110 ml cream and mix them with milk. Baking dish – large enough to panna cotta turned thick centimeter and a half – vystelit cling film. Pour in the form of a milky creamy mixture – through a sieve to get rid of saffron – and put six hours in the refrigerator.
4. Prepare the mousse: put a small saucepan on the fire, add 75 ml cream, add sour cream, Philadelphia cheese, sugar and vanilla pod along the cut. Stir the melting mass whisk, hold a little over a fire until it is smooth and then loaded into a siphon. If you do not want to mess with the mousse, you can replace it with vanilla ice cream.
5. The finished panna cotta remove from the refrigerator and cut into eight pieces. In the middle of a plate drip balsamic cream. Share rectangles panna cotta and decorate their gel drops of passion fruit (it is very simple: passion fruit puree and converted into the thickener is added a little xanthan).
6. It should be put on the panna cotta pieces of blood orange, peeled, chopped almonds, dried apple cubes, tiny mint leaves, tendrils of peas, sliced ​​into thin strips orange zest, a little saffron – and flower petals. Place an especially sensitive substance will tweezers.
7. In a bowl pour half a liter of liquid nitrogen (it can be ordered via the Internet: deliver at home). Rinse in nitrogen ladle, squeeze it out of the siphon a small amount of mousse, gel then passion fruit – and close it a new portion of mousse. Dip the ladle into nitrogen: Mousse instantly turn into a ball of meringue-like consistency.
8. Put the ball in the second half of the mousse dishes with balsamic cream and panna cotta. Easily hit spoon mousse break to from him like the yolk of an egg, showing the core of passion fruit.

Panna cotta. Recipe:

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