Pasta with seafood

Pasta with seafood


Pasta 200 g
Olive oil 20 ml
Tomato 50 grams
Dry white wine 50 ml
Cream 150 ml
Green basil 5 g
Mussels 50g
Shrimp 100 g
Squid 50 g
Garlic 5g
Walnut nutmeg powder 1 g
Sea salt 2 g
White pepper powder 1 g
Parmesan cheese 10 g


1. Seafood (shrimp, squid rings, mussels in the shell), and a plate of garlic fried in olive oil. Adding white wine, heavy cream, tomato sauce, salt, white pepper and nutmeg.
2. It can be mixed with boiled pasta (of your choice), added shredded basil. When serving sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese.

Pasta with seafood. Recipe:

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