Pie “Creme Brulee”

Pie “Creme Brulee”


sugar 1 cup
butter, 1 tablespoon
sour cream, 1 cup
3 cups flour,
2 tbsp cocoa
Soda – half tsp repaid vinegar

500 ml. milk
1 egg
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons flour
200 g of softened butter
2 tbsp cocoa


Sugar rub with the softened butter, add sour cream, flour and baking soda, knead the dough testo.Razdelit 2-part add-one kakao.Vse dough into 6 pieces, roll the cake layers (3 and 3 white chocolate), baked at a high temperature of 5 -10 minutes.

Only now I have 2 chocolate and one white: D because my hands do not grow out, and I’m one of uranyl when smeared crusts)

All but the cocoa butter and stir and cook over low heat, stirring constantly until completely cool zagusteniya.Zatem cream.
Beat softened butter with kakao.Prodolzhat whisking, add small portions of the custard.
Fluff cakes and sides torta.ukrasit optional.
Put in the refrigerator overnight.

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