Prunes stuffed with walnuts in sour cream sauce

Prunes stuffed with walnuts in sour cream sauce


Prunes pitted 1 kg
Walnut 200 g
Sour cream 1 jar
Sugar to taste


1. Prune carefully cut a small sharp knife on one side and hide inside the half shelled walnuts. Do the same with all available prunes.
2. In a bowl, whip the cream with the sugar. The amount of sugar, its variety and richness of sour cream to choose according to taste. Cane sugar, for example, give the mixture a light caramel flavor and thicker than is sour, the airy cream comes out.
3. At the bottom of a serving dish or plate to put in one layer about a third stuffed with prunes and pour a third sour cream.
4. As for the rest of the layers put prunes, each layer evenly covering cream. Cream should be used is not too much and not too little – prunes should not swim in cream, but it must be generously watered. The latter layer prunes decorate mint leaves and pour the remaining cream.
5. Place the dish with prunes in the fridge for a while and let soak prunes cream. Ideally, it should be cooled for several hours or even overnight – in the latter case, better decorating prunes mint just before serving.

Prunes stuffed with walnuts in sour cream sauce. Recipe:

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