Puffs with apples

Puffs with apples


Flaky unleavened dough – 0.5 kg;
Apples – 4 pieces;
Egg – 1 pc;
Sugar – 50g;
Butter – 30 g;

Egg I will use lubrication puffs and butter to cook stuffing.


1. First, prepare the filling:
2. Wash the apples and cut them into cubes. In a pan melt the butter piece.
3. Put the apples in the pan. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Simmer until soft apples.
4. Filling get delicious – must constantly ward off households not to eat it before the end the dough :)
5. Prepare the dough: Thaw at room temperature, a little roll. Cut the dough into rectangles, make cuts on the photo.
6. On the reverse side of the cuts put the stuffing. Fillings put all you like: the more, the more tasty, but without fanaticism – so you can zaschipnut edge. Zaschipnut edge.
7. Put on a baking puff, top grease yolk. Lubricates for appetizing crust after baking.
8. Bake at 220 degrees until golden brown. Incredibly delicious puff with apples ready!

Puffs with apples. Recipe: http://wonderdump.com/puffs-with-apples-2/

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