Recipe Cookies “Rigoletto”

Cookies “Rigoletto”

A set of products:
Out of 35 pieces.
-380-400 Gr flour
– 150 grams of sugar
– 150 grams of soft butter
– 10 g of vanilla sugar
– 2 eggs
-1 Teaspoon baking powder
For filling:
All products are mixed to a thick paste
-100 Grams of sugar, or can be reduced to 50 – 80 grams.
– 100 g ground walnuts
– 3 tablespoons milk

Cooking method:

1. Sugar, beat the eggs in a magnificent mass of approximately 5 minutes
2. Add the soft butter, vanilla sugar
3. Sift the flour baking powder, add to the creamy egg mass
4. Knead the soft dough (flour gradually fall asleep) so as not to pour.
The consistency of the dough is very soft and airy
5. The finished dough is divided into two parts and roll it out on a work surface with flour pripylenoy of these layers:
One 3mm, 4mm second.
6. From the thinner layer circular molds to cut biscuits, is bigger than the biscuits cut from the second reservoir.
7. Big cake spread with apricot jam and put in the middle of a small bump of toppings.
8. Top cover stuffing biscuits slightly less nazhat.ya pressed coffee cup to get a smooth surface of the liver.
9. Bake at 180 m approximately 9-11 minutes.
Hot biscuits sprinkled with vanilla sugar.
Bon Appetit!

Recipe Cookies "Rigoletto":

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