Recipe Crispy empanadas

Recipe Crispy empanadas


300g flour
300ml beer
2 eggs
1st Class l sour cream
100ml boiling water
salt pepper
400g beef Var
100ml meats broth
Var 1 carrot
1nemal bulb
1-2st l Ruble parsley
salt pepper
2 eggs
3 tablespoons milk
raises oil for frying

How to cook

Pancakes: beat the yolks with sour cream, salt (~ tsp no slides), sugar (about 1 tbsp no slides) and 100 g of beer.

Pour the flour and stir again, adding the remaining beer and water.

Add to the batter and gently stir whites, whipped in a cool foam.

Fry in a little oil kollichestve raises, thin pancakes, zazharivaya only one side, which will put the stuffing.

Filling: twist in a meat grinder (you can double-tenderer will) Var beef, carrots and onions.

Adding to the broth, parsley, salt and pepper (generous!).

The pancakes twirl filling, dipped in eggs, whipped with milk, breading and fry in oil raises.

Serve with sour cream and bouillon


Recipe Crispy empanadas:

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