Rolled Chicken with Peach

Recipe Rolled Chicken with Peach

Rolls with mozzarella doing for a long time, it turns out tasty and juicy. I try adding more peach – came delightful: extremely gentle, pleasant taste and visually.


Chicken fillet – 1 pc.
Mozzarella – 40 g
Canned peaches – 2 pcs.
Sol – 0.5 hours. L.
Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp. l.
Italian herbs mixture – 2 pinches
Thyme dry – 2 branches


1. It is necessary to prepare basic foods: meat, a couple of halves of peaches, a slice of mozzarella, oil. Philae is desirable to take a bigger (350-400 g).
2. fillets cut with a sharp knife on the two flat pieces, each put in the food bag or wrapped – to fight off both sides. Add salt and season with Italian herbs, put mozzarella, grated.
3. Peaches cut into slices and lay on top of the cheese. Mozzarella can lightly press the top, so as not to fall apart. Gently roll the fillet rolls tie thread. Iron form of grease, put the rolls, brush with oil and grease the rolls on top. Near the top, or put a sprig of dried thyme. Bake rolls, placing in the form of a hot oven (20-25 minutes at 180-190 degrees).
4. rolls tasty hot immediately after cooking.

Rolled Chicken with Peach:

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