Sabayon with strawberries

Sabayon with strawberries


Egg chicken 4 pieces
Sugar 100 g
Marsala 50ml
Strawberry 200g
Cocoa taste
Mint taste


1. The first step is to prepare the strawberries: get rid of the leaves and cut into pieces of the right size, put on the bottom of a clear glass supply. Berries can be arbitrary, but are best suited not very sweet, sour.
2. Carefully separate yolks from whites, carefully dispensing with shell: it is necessary to maintain a flat mate. Proteins aside – they do not need a recipe (or one of them and the remaining sugar can make meringue).
3. If you use semisweet Marsala, the yolks of four need to add three sugar without the top shell and the same wine.
4. Then a pan with yolk weight to put on a water bath water temperature should be around 80 degrees – it will rise on the pair, but in any case should not boil. Stir the mixture whisk for three minutes until it acquires a thick texture and color of the egg.
5. strawberries sabayon pour in glasses and garnish with mint and cocoa and serve immediately. There can be sabayon and cold, but there was a good mix of cold and hot strawberry mixture.

Sabayon with strawberries. Recipe:

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