Salad of veal tongue

Salad of veal tongue


Mushrooms 70 g
Veal tongue 70g
Cucumbers Baku 2 pieces
Dill 5g
Cilantro (coriander) 5 g
Parsley 5 g
Russian Cheese 20g
Lettuce 20 g
Tomatoes 80 g
Red onion 10 g
Olive oil 10 ml
Mayonnaise to taste
Salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste
Black pepper to taste sweet


1. Cut strips pre-cooked veal tongue. How well it is cooked, it is easy to check on the peel – it must be easy to keep up with the meat.
2. cut the mushrooms into thin strips. They also need to cook in advance. For full readiness champignons barely enough to stay in boiling water for fifteen minutes.
3. “Russian” cheese grate so that the cheese shavings was as long as possible. “Russian” a little bitter, but it is the best combined with other flavors in the salad.
4. Baku cucumbers cut into very thin, almost transparent strips. Dill is not cut too shallow to keep the distinctive taste of dill. Mix in a bowl tongue, mushrooms, cucumbers, dill and cheese. Add salt and season with freshly ground allspice, mayonnaise. Mayonnaise in this case can be homemade or store, the sort who likes.
5. Finely chop the red onion. To do this, it must first be cut into half rings, and then half-rings cut into cubes. Red onions in moderately sweet and not too bitter – what we need for our salad.
6. Cut the tomatoes into cubes Baku. They are very important to cut with a sharp knife to prevent damage to the flesh and not lose juice. Stir in the onion, salt and pepper, add the olive oil and mix gently to the tomatoes were not injured.
7. On a large plate to decompose four leaf lettuce cross, break the hand at the base of the leaf, which is similar to an accordion gathered, so that leaves a fully joined to the plate.
8. The special round shape for salads, which can be bought in a china shop, put the salad with the language around him to spread the tomatoes and onions. Remove the form with the salad and serve. The form, however, is not necessary. Salad can be laid out simply slide. If it is, of course, do not insult your ideas about beauty.

Salad of veal tongue. Recipe:

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