Salad “Russian Beauty”

Salad “Russian Beauty”


Chicken breast – 1/2 pcs.
Ham – 150 g
Cucumbers (pickled) – 4 pcs.
Tomatoes – 2 pcs.
Eggs – 2 pcs.
Cheese – 50g
Greens – 20 g
Sour cream – 4 tablespoons
Salt to taste


1. Cut the boiled chicken breast into cubes. Julienne cut ham. Rub with hard-boiled eggs, on a coarse grater. Cut the tomatoes into cubes. We cut diced pickles. Rub the cheese on a fine grater. Finely cut foliage.
2. Refill salad with sour cream and salt. Mix. Or, in the case of the preparation of puff salad “Russian Beauty”, all the ingredients are stacked in layers and each layer coat with sour cream and salt.

Bon Appetit!

Recipe Salad "Russian Beauty":

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