Salad with shrimp and sesame

Salad with shrimp and sesame

Tomatoes 3 pieces
Royal shrimps 300 g
1 bunch green salad
Cucumbers 2 pieces
Salt to taste
Mayonnaise to taste
Sesame seeds 3 tablespoons
Ground black pepper to taste
Dried red pepper ½ pieces
½ lemon pieces
Olive oil 2 tablespoons


1. Cut the vegetables in large salad to break into pieces.
2. For the shrimp: Boil heavily salted water with red and black pepper, olive oil and half a lemon (juice pre-squeeze into the water).
3. Add the shrimp. After boiling cook for 5 minutes.
4. Clean the shrimp from the shell.
5. Mix the vegetables and shrimp.
6. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and mayonnaise.

Salad with shrimp and sesame. Recipes:

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