Salmon salad with celery and carrots

Salmon salad with celery and carrots


Salted salmon 150g
2 stalks celery
Carrot 1 piece
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1. Salted salmon fillet cut from the skin and thoroughly clean the bones. Cut into small cubes with an edge of about 5 mm. Transfer to a bowl.
2. With a sharp knife or peeler to cut the stems selde- yard hard top layer and then cut as finely as fish. Transfer to a bowl to salmon.

3. Carrot peel and cut at a slight angle thin round slices. The thinner the slices are obtained, the better. Put in a bowl with fish and celery.
4. Add vegetables to fish and freshly ground black pepper and salt (salt, however, can never be used if the fish is salty enough). Add a tablespoon of olive oil and squeeze lemon juice.
5. Gently mix, prepare salads arrange on plates and sprinkle each serving with additional olive oil.

Salmon salad with celery and carrots. Recipe:

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