Sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato

Sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato


2 pieces of white bread
Bacon 2 pieces
Mayonnaise 3 tablespoons
Tomatoes 3 pieces
Salad Romano 2 pieces


1. Fry bread in the toaster, in any case, not leading to a state of biscuit.
2. mayonnaise (homemade is best done), add a little olive oil, garlic and squeeze to drip freshly ground pepper or Tabasco.
3. To achieve a beautiful, crisp slices, lay the bacon on a cold pan, place in a cold oven and start to warm it up to 200’C. After 15-20 minutes the bacon acquire a distinctive crunch and color – the main thing is not to overdry. Immediately put the bacon on a paper towel to absorb excess fat.
4. Cut tomatoes into circles of half a centimeter thick.
5. Fold the lettuce to the size of the pieces of bread.
6. Put together the ingredients, place a large warmed bowl.

Sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato. Recipe:

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