Sandwiches with tuna and cheese

Sandwiches with tuna and cheese


Canned tuna in its own juice 1 jar
Emmental cheese 200g
Bread for toasting 8 pieces
Pink Pepper to taste
Capers ½ teaspoon
Butter 20 g
½ cucumber pieces

1. Tuna, along with juice put in a bowl and knead by hand. Sprinkle with pink pepper Mauritian (it is as fragrant as black, but less pungent), add the capers and mix. Put the grated Emmentaler (or other cheese to taste – Edam, for example, or Gouda) and mix again.
2. Heat the pan over medium heat and lightly dry the bread on both sides. Then lightly lubricate all the pieces on one side with butter, put the tuna-cheese mixture, combine half of the sandwich – and then send the pan. There they have to spend a couple of minutes under the lid – the idea being that the cheese has melted and caught fish weight.
3. Ready-made sandwiches cut diagonally and decorate mugs cucumber.

Sandwiches with tuna and cheese. Recipe:

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