Homemade Sausages with paprika and dried tomatoes

Sausages with paprika and dried tomatoes


Beef 700 g
Pork 700 g
Red bell pepper 1 piece
Onion 1 clove
Sun-dried tomatoes 5 pieces
Fat 200 g
Chili paste 2 tsp
Cilantro (Coriander) 400g
Guts pork to taste
4 teaspoons salt
Ground black pepper 2 teaspoons


1. Mince 700 grams of beef and pork as well. From the ratio of fat and muscle mass is perfect pork shoulder. Beef better not take wiry back. It is important that meat, however, as all the ingredients were cold: mechanical chopper and so they warm up.
2. Wash and gut a red bell pepper. Whitish membrane must be removed – they are not juicy. Chop pepper into small cubes. Too granulate is not worth it, the pieces should be noticeable in the finished sausage. Pour the powdered paprika in the resulting beef.
3. One head coarsely chop the onion, throw in a blender and scroll. It is necessary that the bulb is turned into a homogeneous slurry, then it is uniformly distributed throughout the meat. Onions can be cut down by hand, but then you have it cut as finely as possible, so that it was almost invisible in the finished sausage. Put the onions in stuffing.
4. Add the meat and vegetables 200 grams of bacon fat or soft. The lean beef – the more fat you will need to result did not come out dryish. Finely chop 5 sun dried tomatoes, and also send them to the stuffing. There also put 2 teaspoons chipotle chili paste. If it is not at hand, the severity can be achieved crushed garlic, chili powder, or anything else.
5. Wash cilantro, cut the roots and tough stems. The remaining leaves finely chop and add to the stuffing. Season with salt and pepper and knead it with your hands until all ingredients are mixed. Now is better to put the stuffing in the fridge to infuse – for an hour, and it is better for two hours. To try, enough spices, you can quickly fry the little cutlet, and if that – season yet.
6. Rinse well with 3 meters of pig intestines under running water. Screw the nozzle to the sausage grinder, do not forget to pull the bars and knife. Wear her intestine so that the tip hanging centimeters 10. Slowly pushing beef through a meat grinder, to hold the intestine and fill it with minced meat, leaving the tail in the same 10 centimeters. Repeat all manipulations with the remaining intestine.
7. Generate sausage length of about 10 cm: to condense them into minced to each excess air is left, and the middle 2-3 cm turned. Torsion intervals between 5-6 times. If you’re too stuffed intestine, with all the excess you can just pull out and fry from the remnants of burger patty. Cut the sausages in the gut.
8. Arrange sausages on the grill, and send in a preheated 190 degree oven. Under the grate is better to put the pallet, because with sausages will drip. 15 minutes later, when they are almost ready to turn – to fry sausages evenly. The shell should be golden brown and crunched on the teeth. In total it will take twenty minutes.

Homemade Sausages with paprika and dried tomatoes. Recipe: http://wonderdump.com/sausages-with-paprika/

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