Secrets of a tasty meat

Secrets of a tasty meat

1. The meat will be more tender if an hour before cooking to moisten it with vodka.
2. You can mix the meat with soy sauce, leave overnight and tomorrow to fry, it will be a very juicy.
3. Beef and mutton will turn soft and juicy, if before baking salt, pepper, garlic, lard is still possible, then wrap the meat of the banana peel.
4. Attach the peel culinary thread, so that it is not sold.
5. Place the meat on a baking sheet and place in preheated oven for 30-40 minutes.
6. banana skin has unique properties and make hard lean meat soft.

Secret transformation tough beef in a soft and tender meat:

1. Put the beef on a hot skillet. Fry over high heat for 3-5 minutes.
2. Add a little water, cover and reduce heat. Cut the ginger and put it together with meat stew.
3. The ginger juice enters a substance that breaks down proteins and make tough meat tender. Beef with ginger enough to extinguish 30-40 minutes.

Meat will soften old twist of lemon peel

1. Cut the meat across the grain into pieces and place on a hot skillet.
2. Add some lemon peels.
3. At the end of cooking, do not throw away the peel.
4. Remove them, mash with a spoon and mix with meat juice, which is released during frying. Put the beef on a plate, pour the juice and garnish with a sprig of greens and carrots.
5. Do not salt the meat immediately before roasting, it will lose a lot of juice and you get tasteless. Salt is necessary to put in the time and even better at the end of cooking.

Secrets of a tasty meat:

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