Shelves for towels of jars decorated with decoupage technique

Shelves for towels of jars decorated with decoupage technique. Process of making:

Subject decoupage simply inexhaustible! When this kind of art was just gaining popularity, it was fashionable to decorate their bottles, cups and kitchen boards. Then, in the course went all sorts of chests, containers for bulk products, key rings Who needlework exhibitions, you can see even the furniture, decorated with decoupage! But that does not stop creative thought. This master class is painted as decorate decoupage cans so that they become an element of the bathroom !.

In these roomy shelves of jars can be stored clean towels, supplies of soap or washcloths! So the idea is good, and for their own use and for the manufacture of gift.

To produce shelves you will need: board based on the work of large size cans (not less than banks from canned pineapple), glue for decoupage, acrylic primer light color, kitchen sponge, nail brush, glue for decoupage, brush glue scissors, a stencil with small roses, three-layer cloth with the image of roses, screws for mounting.

How to make shelves for the bathroom? Work description.

All the prepared jars cover with two layers of acrylic primer. Between the layers you need to wait about 30 minutes to paint has dried. Apply primer convenient to the kitchen sponge, a little pat surface to be decorated.

Shelves for towels of jars decorated with decoupage technique. Process of making:

While banks are dry, cut out napkin drawings of roses. Clearly the contours can not cut.

Shelves for towels of jars decorated with decoupage technique. Process of making:


From drawing separate the lower layers, leaving only one – the top. Apply the colored layer to the bank and the top coat layer of decoupage glue. Brush gently flatten the image to wipe nowhere swell.
Apply jar many images of tissues as you see fit. Leave to dry decoupage, and meanwhile, decorate the rest of the banks. After drying decoupage, you can go to the stencil. Attach it to the bank, apply acrylic paint outlines of roses in the right places.
After drying all materials cover the banks with two layers of acrylic varnish for strength work. Wait until the paint dries.
Top jars decorate the adhesive tape in color tone. If you do not have a special adhesive tape, you can use a regular braid, planted on a double sided tape.
In the same way decorate all banks. Look, whether you are satisfied with all the jars.
Repeat on the center of the bottom of each hole the banks to be able to screw it to the board substrate.
Banks attach to the base and make sure they stay securely. If so, the shelves for the bathroom ready! They can be stacked folded towels for guests!
By the way, instead of cans you may well use plastic (eg banks of similar size shampoos). The product will Bole light, so you will not worry about fixing cans!

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