Snac Kjofte

Snac Kjofte


Minced beef 100 g
Tomato 1 piece
Armenian lavash 1 piece
Suluguni 1 piece
1 head lettuce
2 stalks of green salad
Chili Red 1 piece
Cumin (cumin) to taste
Salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste


1. For the stuffing in Meat Point use only halal beef and beef twist themselves – with the need to cut fat fillet and carefully remove the veins. Then the meat through a meat grinder and mix with the fat tail lamb, salt, zira and other spices to taste. From stuffing need to form small patties and fry on the grill for about four minutes.
2. Tomatoes should be cut into thick slices, white lettuce salad – half rings, chili grind. From onions and peppers can be dispensed with, but you can put more like someone like that. Lettuce cut into wide noodles.

3. cakes suluguni need a little fry grilled cheese to become softer. Take salt or fresh – a private matter. Pita also need a little dry, then trim the edges, to obtain a flat rectangle.
4. Pita folded in half and put it turns salad, three burgers, chili peppers, tomatoes, onions and cheese. Then, fold, fold the bottom and tightly wrapped in paper, so as not to fall apart in your hands.
5. For greater speed can first cut the vegetables, and then fry the burgers – they should be hot, the cheese had a little melted.

Snac Kjofte. Recipe:

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