Soft nougat with nuts and dried apricots

Recipe Soft nougat with nuts and dried apricots

2/3 cup honey
2 egg whites
1 cup roasted almonds
1/2 cup chopped dried apricots
peel of half a lemon


Prepare a deep pan, he laid out his wax paper or baking parchment.
Put the honey in a heat-resistant bowl and put in a water bath. Give time to melt the honey, this time, beat the whites until peaks stable. Enter them in the warm liquid chalk and mix with a wooden spoon until smooth. Weight is a viscous caramel. Continue to stir until thick and lighter color (about 45 minutes).
Then add nuts, dried apricots and zest. A bowl is still standing in a water bath. Continue to stir until almost white. Stir will be harder. Transfer the weight to form the top and close the baking paper. Leave the pan to cool and sweet in a dry place for a few hours, preferably overnight.
After torrone frozen, cut them into long strips very sharp knife. Wrap in parchment nougat and store in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator.

Soft nougat with nuts and dried apricots -

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