Soup Chikhirtma from Chicken

Soup Chikhirtma from Chicken


Onions 6 heads
Chicken 1 piece
5 pieces of chicken egg
Cilantro (coriander) 1 bunch
Wine vinegar 1 tablespoon
Sea salt to taste


1. Cut the chicken into pieces, cut the onion and put everything in the pot. Simmer over low heat without water. If the chicken is not enough fat in the pan, you can add a little water, so as not burnt.
2. When the chicken is almost ready, fill it with water – 8-10 glasses or more, depending on how much you want to cook the soup.
3. Season with salt, throw in a pot tied with a thread bundle of cilantro with roots and cook on low heat, occasionally removing the foam. Braised chicken and onion soup give a special taste – it is very different from a simple chicken broth.
4. After 10 minutes, take out and put the chicken broth in a separate bowl. We throw a bundle of cilantro. Strain the broth and throw out the onions.
5. Take the eggs, separate the yolks from the whites and mix them with wine vinegar. Pour the egg yolks in a little lukewarm broth, but carefully, so that they are not curled. Pour broth over a bowl and put back the pieces of chicken. Lovely morning soup is ready.

Soup Chikhirtma from Chicken. Recipe:

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