Soup Minestrone

Soup Minestrone


Carrot 1 piece
Celery pieces ⅓
Daikon ⅓ pieces
Potatoes 1 piece
½ red onion head
Shallots ½ head
Cauliflower 100 g
Zucchini 1 piece
½ red pepper pieces
½ yellow bell pepper pieces
White Asparagus 2 stalks
Asparagus green stem 2
Cherry tomatoes 6 pieces
Celery 2 pieces
Dill 10g
Green onions feathers 6 pieces
Thyme 10 g
2 cloves garlic
Bay leaves 2 pieces
Basil leaves 18 pieces
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
Salt to taste


1. Clean the carrot, radish, celery, potatoes, red onions and shallots. Cut the upper part of the inflorescence of cauliflower, discard the rest. With zucchini cut on four sides sides millimeters thick seven internal organs are needed. Clean the peppers and cut his heart: in the case will almost one peels.
2. Slice the daikon, carrots, celery, potatoes, red onions, shallots, zucchini and peppers into small cubes. The size of the cubes should be similar to the soup was nice. The tops of the asparagus cut on the bias ovals half a centimeter thick, green onion – rings. Cherry tomatoes cut into quarters.
3. Heat a large saucepan tablespoon of olive oil, throw in her red onions and shallots and saute until they are soft and translucent. Add carrots, bay leaf, potatoes and celery stalks. A little salt and fry gently, stirring slowly.
4. Put the celery root. Pour the water so that it only covered the vegetables. Instead of water, it is possible – and even more preferably – to take vegetable soup, for example, its simplest version: carrots, celery stalks, onion and bay leaf. Boil for three minutes, throw thyme, put the daikon and add water so that it covered the vegetables again.
5. In the same time, in a separate pan, boil water and throw it for a minute red and yellow peppers. The pan should be separate, to pepper the soup did not pass the smell. And it does not stain the broth, and will be presented only the colored bricks that from it is required. Tilt the pepper in a sieve, to smuggle into the soup. Fill with water. In a separate saucepan blanch the cauliflower.
6. Two minutes after the soup will be thrown pepper, add to cast away on a sieve cauliflower, zucchini and asparagus. Remove the thyme. Once again, pour water to cover the vegetables it. Then cook the soup, stirring for ten minutes.
7. Add green onions and cherry tomatoes. Half a minute later to throw a whole two cloves of garlic for flavor, add salt to taste, and then – in the end – to pour a tablespoon of olive oil. Another thirty seconds – and can be removed the pan from heat.
8. Of the finished soup to remove the bay leaf and garlic that never stopped anyone. Pour the soup into bowls. On top decorate with fresh basil leaves and sprinkle with finely chopped dill – and invite all to the table.

Soup Minestrone. Resipe:

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