Stand for thread from colored pencils

Yet the idea of an effective workplace organization seamstress, needlewoman – bright rainbow rack spools of thread, which will cheer up and inspire new masterpieces sewing! Collect a convenient needlewoman device can be their own hands for one night, using several tools, wooden planks and, of course, the whole palette of crayons!

Stand for thread from colored pencils. More information:

What is needed:

hammer and nails
Needle file for a tree
paint brush, paint
colored pencils
strips of wood (not less than 2 cm)
wood glue


Start by creating a rectangle – the basics. Cut the strips right size, needle files and treat the edges with a hammer and nails bring down a right angle frame. Then cook the ranks, which will be attached to the coils of colored pencils. Make as many pieces as you want and how many will fit in a rectangular frame with the height of the pencils. Depending on how many coils will live on a shelf, drill, drill the required number of holes for pencils. The hole should be the same diameter as a pencil, or a little more. Hole depth – about 1 cm or more, but most importantly – not through the wooden slats.

Stand for thread from colored pencils. More information:

Strips – series with drilled holes using a hammer and nails (as an alternative, screwdrivers and screws) to attach the frame, can be slightly inclined to imagine that it was easier to hang and shoot spool of thread. All the design if desired color to your favorite color, and then pick the varnish for wood. While all dry, pick up under each coil corresponding color pencil.

3Stand for thread from colored pencils. More information:

The holes in the ranks strips drip some glue for wood, insert a pencil, press and hold down a little bit. It remains only to hang the eye pleasing frame rack on the wall and thread to start sewing a new desire and inspiration!

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