Stand – holder for cards and photos

Environmental design, ease of execution and a charming rustic charm distinguish these funny holder stands for photos, cards, recipes, and other cardboard and paper products.

Stand - holder for cards and photos. Process of making:

These wooden stand with name plates will look like excellent decor dining room table on a large number of people, will be useful in the kitchen while you’re cooking can be inserted into the holder recipe, as well as any family pictures, collages and reminder notes.

As you may have guessed, the main material for crafts you can easily find on a walk in the woods or in the park – a tree branch with a diameter of 3-6 cm. The branch should be dry and, preferably, not pitted bugs. If it is slightly damp, dry it at home on the battery, in the oven or just a couple of days in the sun. The top layer of the cortex can be removed or left, but the pre-cleaned with a stiff brush from moss rot and dirt.

Stand - holder for cards and photos. Process of making:

Saw branch into several equal parts, of at least 3-4 cm. Do not worry about exactly the same size stands, sawing on the eye. Irregularities and slightly different sizes will give even more the natural design of things.

Each individual will need to nadpilit circle diameter. To do this it is best to take the thinnest saw that you can find. If you plan to use a stand cardboard plates – and then saw it must be thicker. For the convenience and safety of each circle clamp in a vice and nadpilite to more than half the height of the holder.
Done! At the request of the stand holders can be varnished, decorate with ribbons or beads, but personally, I like it a natural design.If the slot for photos or cards turned too wide it does not matter. Insert the bottom of the image in a folded sheet of paper suitable for the slot width.

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