Steam chicken roll with tangerines and prunes

Steam chicken roll with tangerines and prunes


4 pieces chicken fillet
Tangerines 3 pieces
Walnut crushed 100 g
Prunes pitted 7 pieces
Salt to taste
Spices to taste
Ground black pepper to taste


1. Prunes rid of bones, pour boiling water and leave for an hour and a half, so it is well soaked. Tangerines carefully peel and films, divided into slices.
2. Cut the chicken breast lengthwise into two parts. These pieces lay lapped on a cutting board, covered with cling film and beat off good, especially in places where the pieces are connected. Lightly salt and pepper the meat.
3. Walnuts chop with a sharp knife or grind in a blender. Half got a walnut crumbs evenly sprinkle repulsed and seasoned meat.
4. On top of the nuts, put prunes (if desired, it can be ground and can be left as it is, to then cut rolls were visible whole fruit) to prunes – slices of mandarin. Sprinkle with remaining nuts.
5. Gently twist the stuffed chicken breast in a tight and smooth roll. On the sides tighten the tips of the film to the action of steam, it is not reversed.
6. Put the roll in a double boiler or put it in a colander, utsanovlenny over a pot of boiling water over moderate heat. Cover with a tight lid on top and cook for thirty-five – forty minutes.
7. Ready roll removed from the steamer or colander and cool completely. Then gently expand the film and put the roll on a cutting board. Cut with a sharp knife into slices the thickness of 1-1.5 cm.
8. Put slices of meatloaf slices on a dish up. Before serving them, if desired, you can warm up again, and you can leave the cooling – in this state become even tastier fruits.

Steam chicken roll with tangerines and prunes. Recipe:

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