Strawberry cake without baking

Recipe Strawberry cake without baking


Melted butter 60g

Chocolate cookies 150g

Strawberry 250g

Strawberry Yoghurt 300g

Soft Cheese 200 g
Sugar 100 g
Cream 33% -s 200 ml
50 ml of milk
Gelatin 2 tablespoons

1. All products, except cream beforehand from the refrigerator, to be room temperature.
2. The bottom of the rim and the split with a diameter of 19 cm to lay the parchment. Biscuits knead into crumbs (you can instead take the usual chocolate cookies and add crumbs 1 tablespoon cocoa), stirring, add the butter pieces, received a lot of well-compacted at the bottom of the form and put into the refrigerator.
3. The hot (but not boiling water) to dissolve the gelatin milk thoroughly, cool the mixture to room temperature.
4. In a bowl, mix with a mixer yogurt, cottage cheese and sugar until the sugar has dissolved, then add the strawberries, cut into small cubes, stirring, pour a thin stream of gelatin, mix well and remove the mixture in the refrigerator for 30 minutes until jelly begins to harden slightly.
5. Whip cream in a lavish foam, jelly from the refrigerator, stir until smooth, add the cream, mix gently, ready to pour into a mousse cake in the shape of the cookies.
6. Cake put into the refrigerator overnight to complete solidification.
7. Ready to decorate the cake chopped strawberries and grated chocolate.

Strawberry cake without baking -

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