Strawberry dessert

Recipe Strawberry dessert


Strawberry 300.0 g
Powdered sugar 30.0 g
Jelly 1.0 package
Curd 300.0 g
Sugar 2.0 tablespoons
Sour cream 3.0 tablespoons
Easy Water 100.0 ml
Gelatin 10.0 g


1 sachet of ready jelly pour boiling water. The resulting liquid is poured into a tall glass.
2. To make jelly froze not even layer, and a beautiful diagonal, glasses should be put in the refrigerator at an angle ..
3. While freezes strawberry jelly, prepare cheese layer. It’s very simple -smeshat curd with sugar and sour cream to taste. Thoroughly rub. The cup diluted in 100 ml of water, 10 g of gelatin, thoroughly mixed and added to the curd.
4. Curd is a little spread on frozen strawberry jelly. Once again, send the glasses in the fridge – to freeze.
5. strawberries to grind. Strawberry puree mixed with sugar to taste sauce was harmonious, no grains of sugar.
6. Strawberry sweet mash spread on a layer of cheese.
7. Then came the turn of the nut. You can use any nuts you like. Nuts ADVANCED non-small
8. chopped nuts should be put on the almost finished dessert.
9. Over the nuts lay strawberry can be whole or cut into pieces.

Strawberry dessert -

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