Strawberry sorbet

Strawberry sorbet


Strawberry 300g
Lemons 1 piece
Sugar 75 g
Mint 2 stalks


1. Rinse strawberries, remove peduncles with green sepals and cut into slices thickness of about three millimeters. Three or four berries leave for decoration.
2. Put the sliced ​​strawberries in a saucepan or bowl and fill with sugar. Add lemon juice and 25 ml of water. Leave for at least fifteen minutes to strawberry sugar and let the juice.
3. Punch strawberries blender until a homogeneous mash – it will take three or four minutes. After this strawberry puree can strain through a sieve to be complete uniformity, but in principle it is not absolutely necessary. Some sorbet unstrained mashed even seems tastier.
4. Pour the puree into a large container, so that it flowed along the bottom with a thin layer. Remove the freezer for an hour, then turn over with a fork, breaking the ice and sorbet saturating the air. Instead, a plug can be used whisk hard. Again, remove the sorbet in the freezer. Repeat the process with agitating hour intervals three times. Leave alone sorbet in the freezer overnight.
5. Use a tablespoon to form sorbet balls, put them on a plate and garnish divided into several slices strawberries and finely chopped fresh mint.

Strawberry sorbet. Recipe:

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