Tacos with Peking duck

Tacos with Peking duck


Duck 1 piece
Leeks 2 stalks
Ginger 30 g
Garlic 15 g
Daikon 40 g
Cucumbers 2 pieces
Tortillas 1 piece
Tofu marinated red 5g
Molasses 40 g
Pasta chu-hou 50 ml
Oyster Sauce 100ml
Red wine vinegar 30ml
Rice sweet wine 30 ml
Soy sauce 10 ml
Sauce hoisin sauce 100ml
Sauce DC 20 ml
Black bean paste 20 ml
Sesame paste 15 ml
Unagi sauce 10 ml
Sesame 10g
Vegetable oil 15ml
10 g Salt
Chinese herbs “Five Spice” 2 tablespoons


1. Haskalah salt on a dry frying pan, add the mixture “Five Spice” mix and half a minute off the heat and add sesame. Prepare the marinade in a bowl: Crush garlic with a knife and dismantle the fibers, coarsely chop the ginger, stem leek cut into rings and mix all with 50 ml oyster sauce, paste-chu hou sauce and 50 ml of hoisin sauce.
2. Duck disembowel, singe fluff and thick feathers on the breast and legs pull out culinary tweezers. Rub the duck inside a mixture of salt, “five spice” and sesame seeds, put the bird in the marinade. Scrapie skin with bamboo sticks or toothpicks and clean in the refrigerator overnight.
3. Molasses reheat in the microwave (enough minutes) and mix with vinegar. Duck drop two seconds in boiling water, with a brush generously lubricate the skin with a mixture of molasses and vinegar and leave in a well-ventilated room for three or four hours – the skin should be thoroughly dry. After that, send a duck in the oven and bake for an hour and twenty minutes at 160 degrees.
4. Remove the duck stuffing. In the middle of the carcass to make an incision with a knife and separate the breast and legs (the legs should be removed from the bone). Red-hot vegetable oil and pour over the duck skin to make it crispy, and then cut into large poultry meat into thick slices about a centimeter.
5. From the cake to cut four rings culinary circle with a diameter of 10 cm, quickly fry them in a dry pan, so they browned, but remains soft. Each circle cakes grease the unagi sauce. Cut into thin strips stem leeks and cucumber, peeled and seeds.
6. Mix in a saucepan soy sauce, hoisin sauce sauce 50 ml, 50 ml oyster sauce, black bean paste, sauce OK, sesame paste, red pickled tofu and rice wine. Cook for ten minutes over low heat, stirring with a whisk, add a little water. Share on each cake sticks from the cucumber and leeks, sliced ​​duck and pour the sauce.
7. Using a mandolin slicer or radish turn into a long, thin shavings and decorate it ready tacos. Serve with chips to beer.

Tacos with Peking duck. Recipe: http://wonderdump.com/tacos-with-peking-duck/

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