The lamp from the camera and slides with his hands

If you are a professional photographer or just fond of photography, if you are wondering what to give a friend, the photographer, if you have a few old unnecessary cameras and a dozen forgotten slide if the interior sorely lacking a desk lamp, this master class as make light with his own hands for you!

The lamp from the camera and slides with his hands. Process of making:

To make a photo – light with your hands, you will need:three old cameras outside who do not mind to use as legs for the lamp;
lamp, details of which can be used to create a new lamp;
superglue or cold welding;
color slides or negatives;
Cardboard frame for slides;
metal rings connectors;
lampshade frame or a metal ring.

The lamp from the camera and slides with his hands. Process of making: The first step is to do the connection of three cameras each other. They can be glued with superglue, but there is a more reliable way. Cold welding is just designed for durable, reliable and tight connection of parts from metal, glass, concrete, stone, plastic, etc. Clean the dust, degrease and treat nazhdachkoy junction chambers together. Then cook the mixture according to the instructions that came with the cold welding. Apply on the surface of the camera.
Pull Harness camera and leave for 15-20 minutes, or the time specified in the instructions to the facility.
Feet on the old lamp with a power cord, switch, and all necessary cartridge filled with the same cold welding connect with three cameras.
Now, enjoy a bubble. In our case, this role was made from an old lampshade frame. Selected color slides or negatives, place in cardboard frames. Little do punch holes in the corners of the slide. Then connect the connector all the slides into one canvas.
Attach the finished slide canvas on a metal frame.

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