The original packaging for gifts with their own hands

The original packaging for gifts with their own hands. Process of making:

 The perception of any gift is largely dependent on its packaging. Even the most exquisite gift can lose its charm, being packed into a regular bag or wrapper. On the other hand, even the most insignificant gift of particular fascination, wondering if his package. The most common is the most original packaging for gift with their own hands, so today we’ll look at a master class on production of packagingsac with scrapbooking.

For work, we need:

Two sheets of white cardboard or paper of high density;

A pair of scissors;
Stack of plastic or some other object, leaving a mark on the paper, and do not cut it;
– Glue;
– Paper, is used for binding;
Two buttons;
Haberdashery accessories;
– An interesting print, old letters, etc.

Take two identical sheets of paper or cardboard.
Using a plastic line stack and act on each side at the same distance from the edge of the deep bend line separating future ledges.
The original packaging for gifts with their own hands. Process of making:

In the corners of the squares we obtained. Each square on the one hand make a vertical incision. Fold the resulting corner inside.
Coat with glue and form the corners of the box bumpers. Cut a strip of width equal to the height of the two ledges together and folded in half.
Take the old letters, postcards and the like, and carefully, trying to dock all the parts, paste over the top side of the boxes.
Effectively will look different, and graphics, as well as newspaper clippings and pages from books with a beautiful print.
Paper for cover cut out eight identical circles with radius equal to the height of a side.

Fold each circle in half, then half again so as to obtain four equal segments. Cut one segment.
With folded in half and missed the glue fastening strips embedded into one side (long) with two boxes. In the corners of the future valise pasted part of bookbinding paper.
 Carefully and well butted presses these parts.
As a result, we should have got this box.
Now, from bookbinding paper cut four strips of equal height along the length of the part of his bag, plus the height of the two ledges.
 Glue on the bag on each side of the cut strip in the center and parallel to each other, and then fasten them to the hardware, thus giving the similarity of our package with this bag. Glue on top of the handle of the bookbinding paper and fix it buttons.
 Our packaging is made with their own hands for the gift is ready! This package allows you to present a gift something nice little small, and in cases where standards require come to visit empty-handed, but there is no reason to give a big, expensive gifts, give traditional sweets do not want to. And if sakvoyazhik decorate a photo, this package is suitable for a gift close and meaningful people.

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