Toban of seafood

Toban of seafood


Scallops 45 g
Squid 25 g
Sea bass 40 g
Salmon 40 g
Shrimp 1 piece
Shiitake mushrooms 2 pieces
Enoki mushrooms 1 bunch
2 stalks of asparagus
Sake 15 ml
Green pea pods 3 pieces
Soy sauce 8 ml
Yuzu juice 12 ml
Melted butter to taste
Salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste


1. At the same time heat the pan and Toba pour them on a small ladle of melted butter – so that it covers the bottom with a thin layer. Put the pan scallops, shrimp, sea bass and salmon slices, salt and pepper to taste. Fry should be only one way – as soon as she covered golden brown, remove the pan from the heat.
2. Transfer the scallops, fish and shrimp from the pan on the hot Toban nepodzharennoy down, formed from pieces of the similarity circle in the center of ceramic dishes and top with raw squid, mushrooms and vegetables: pea pods cut in half crosswise, and the asparagus, if large , divided into long halves.
3. Dash in Toban sake – in a strongly red-hot pot immediately the flame. Should be added to a previously prepared mixture of soy sauce and yuzu juice in a ratio of 2: 3. Exactly two seconds Toban remove from heat.
4. Put on a plate Toban large diameter, in which it will be submitted (to the bottom, you can lay a napkin: Toban even when removed from the fire, the content continues to simmer – and the sauce can flow along the walls on the plate). Immediately cover.
5. Allow the dish to stand under cover for five seconds – it continues to languish because the ceramic retains heat very well. All the ingredients are ready to reach that moment when the cap is removed. Eat need immediately, until the vegetables and seafood were not allowed juice.

Toban of seafood. Recipe:

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