Vegetable Chef salad with beef dressed with 10 ingredients

Vegetable Chef salad with beef dressed with 10 ingredients


Mixed salad 80 grams
Cherry tomatoes 10 pieces
Pepper 1 piece
Beef tenderloin 200g
Lemons ¼ pieces
Lime ½ pieces
2 cloves garlic
Ginger 15 g
1 bunch mint
Worcestershire Sauce 40 g
Teriyaki sauce 20g
Soy sauce 20g
Balsamic vinegar 10g
Honey 10 g
Dijon mustard 10 g
Olive oil 30 g


1. First, wash all the vegetables, fruits and herbs and dry them. Peel the garlic, ginger and pepper.
2. Next, cut the beef into slices.
3. Fry the beef in olive oil over high heat for a minute on each side.
4. Then add the sauce Worcester, mix everything and cook for another minute.
5. Add the teriyaki sauce, stir the meat and after a minute, remove the pan from the heat. Let it rest while you prepare the rest.
6. Grate or finely chop the ginger and garlic (you can use a garlic press for both vegetables). Spread honey with mint leaves. Then add the soy sauce, lime juice and lemon, grated ginger and garlic, vinegar and mustard. Now dilute the mixture with olive oil and stir thoroughly.
7. Cut the cherry tomatoes into 2 or 4 parts.
8. Cut the pepper into strips.
9. In a large bowl, combine salad of leaf lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. Pour the filling into the prepared salad and stir it thoroughly.
10. Put the salad on a flat plate. On top of the vegetables, Lay slices of beef.

Vegetable Chef salad with beef dressed with 10 ingredients. Recipe:

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